Nexus 5: the Latest Android Smartphone

Most smartphones today carry the operating system Android. Created by Google, we know that all the major brands use it: Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC… However, if you have created it has the search engine company is how that they have never created a phone?

It exists, and its name is Nexus. Today it goes by the fifth generation and is now available in El Corte Inglés. Would you like to know what offers the Nexus 5? Keep reading because it is one of the most interesting terminals, has a lot to offer to all lovers of technology.

A phone designed by Google

Recorded by, Google Nexus was born with the aim of creating a smartphone reference that all manufacturers must be set. Not in terms of design but in the Android experience. It is the terminal always updated to the latest version before anyone else. It is one of the phones more loved by the public more geek.

Technically, the smartphone is developed by another company. In this case the Nexus 5 has been created by LG. They put the pieces and Google takes care of optimizing Android to create the new version of the operating system with all the innovations that is added in each update.

It is a powerful terminal. It carries one of the most advanced processors and its five-inch screen features Full HD resolution. It is lightweight and has a perfect size for lovers of great smartphones. Your camera shows that Android software gives much of himself.

Nexus 5 comes pre-installed with the latest version of Android: KitKat. It comes with many new features like a redesign on the interface where the space of the display, takes better advantage to have the search engine of Google with useful information… In addition the battery is optimized so that it lasts you much.

Who is the Nexus 5 for?

If we are a technology lover and we like fiddling with and configure every aspect of your phone, it is undoubtedly the perfect terminal. It is true that any user can use it without any problem but more advanced users will enjoy this Nexus 5 more than with other terminals.

In relationship quality price is a terminal very interesting and should not succumb to the price. It’s cheaper that other high-end smartphones but the experience offered is sensational. One of the most customizable mobile and the favorite for all fans of Android registered on

If in addition we like to be always updated when it is the perfect terminal for us. We do not need to install anything on the computer, everything is done via mobile phone. Do you have any questions about the Nexus 5? Ask us in the comments.