Nokia: Android Can Be Used

Mobile phones Nokia still dominate the market in terms of quantity of sold appliances. Mainly in the markets of third world where Android smartphones and iPhone are not yet very popular, most are low-cost devices running Symbian or, more recently, Windows Phone, which has struggled to take off.

What happens is that the Symbian operating system already well exceeded and to equip machines with powerful hardware as the N97, it makes the device a lot worse than a similar price Android Windows Phone has difficulties to become a popular mobile operating system. I had this experience and I can say that the N97 is worse than the Motorola Milestone, primarily because of the obsolete operating system of the N97, which is the impression of having been forcibly adapted to a smartphone.

It’s about time Nokia’s find an operating system competitor to Android and the iPhone and leave Symbian rest in peace! In fact, as operating system for so-called dumbphones, he is perfect!

Nokia with Android or Nokia with Windows Phone?

Recently the website TG Daily released a news that Nokia has studied the adoption of other operating systems on their new handsets. A survey showed that almost 33 million Android phones were sold in the last quarter of 2010 against 31 million devices with Symbian. It was the first time that Nokia wasn’t in first place on this statistic. This shows how the Android mobile device market shook, shape-shifting very quickly. Without a doubt this is one of the main commercial and strategic challenges that Nokia has ever faced.

And you? Do you think the Android on Nokia devices would be good? Prefer the Symbian or Android? Will trust in the quality of the first Nokia phones with Android, when and if they are released?

Editor’s Note: Microsoft, and part of Nokia that is still independent are always flirting with the idea of using Android on their phones, but not in the top of the line appliances. Let’s see how it goes.