Nokia Chose Windows Phone to Android

After doing some suspense regarding the decision of which operating system Nokia adopt in their new appliances, it’s long-awaited reply: Nokia will use Windows Phone in their new devices.

Nokia Chose Windows Phone to Android

Much has been said about the new possibilities if the quality of Nokia devices join the enormous popularity and Android applications offer. It seemed a perfect partnership, but such decisions are not taken with purely technical bases. Something else must have contributed to the Nokia have chosen the brand new Windows Phone, which were alright. It was: in no time, Microsoft bought the whole division of Nokia phones, and today launches the Windows Phone devices with their own brand.

In my opinion, I think that the use of free software would be a best choice for Nokia, before merging with Microsoft. The integration with Google services and the large and growing provision of Android applications would be a good argument to buy a Nokia phone. Now, I don’t know if change operating system just to have a Nokia device. Windows Phone is a good operating system, and integration with Windows 10 is very good, but still needs to improve before competing head-to-head with iOS and Android.

Since when Microsoft bought Nokia, some devices have been launched, including also the tablets/laptops Surface. These use many of the patents and technologies that were from Nokia. And the camera PureView of devices with Windows Phone is simply sensational. Any device with Android or iOS was able to reach the same quality. Windows Phone promises much.

And then? What did you think of this decision? Will buy a Nokia mobile phone or now is that you can’t buy more?