Nokia Does Not Account How Many Phones Has Sold in Its Latest Financial Results, Is Prepared for Sale

Nokia has announced its financial results for the last quarter of last year, and incidentally, an annual report. Usually the most interesting is to know data on units sold, but on this occasion they have disappeared, for the first time in the history of the company, or at least since I follow them carefully.

I understand that something will have to do with the sale to Microsoft of the unit responsible for creating devices. The data that have to do with this unit appear within a section dubbed “operations that do not continue”. It seems that Nokia does not want to talk too much about mobile phones.

In it we see that sales have been 2.633 billion euros, stable compared with the third quarter. But the Department has had a loss of 198 million euros, we hope that Microsoft will get more juice driving it directly.

Fewer smartphones than in the third quarter

Although specific figures are not made, if reporting that sales of phones, in general, have fallen about 2012. Nokia considers that the cause is in the strong competition in the market, especially since those affordable devices, with Google’s operating system.

The estimates that can be made are running that have been sold more smartphones which in the fourth quarter of 2012, but less than in the third quarter of 2013. I.e., a figure that is located in the middle of the 4.4 and 8.8 million, possibly closer to the eight million.

On the phones average selling price, Nokia reported that has declined somewhat compared with the third quarter. If you look at the numbers, at that time was 143 euros. If we keep the number and divide between the sales achieved by the smartphones – making quick counts, 1,100 million-, they leave us 7.7 million Lumias.

Without a doubt, a very low number to find at Christmas, and above all, an evolving positive that they were getting a quarter-on-quarter. Before presenting results, the majority of studies pointed to ten million units.

We take an image that illustrates well the slowdown in the last quarter to the Walls Street Journal:

Giving by good data of eight million, 44 million Lumias would have been sold since its launch. That are the iPhones that Apple has sold in the last quarter, or Android phones coming out in less than a month.

* Update *: Nokia confirms in the round of questions that have sold 8.2 million of Lumias, we were not going badly aimed. Less than the previous quarter (8.8 million).

Microsoft has much work ahead

2013 is the last year in which Nokia is a manufacturer of mobile phones, and the reality is that all jobs efforts, along with Microsoft, it has not been an especially good year. The Redmond company has much work ahead.

Stays with a company that has more than 85% of the market share of its platform, so in addition to govern successfully this boat, you will also need to know how to take care of the rest of the partners, quite disconnected from Windows Phone.

Among the important information given in the release have the extension of licenses from Samsung -with whom he had problems in the past-, which will pay for the use of patents belonging to Nokia, five years more.

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