Nokia Has Presented Asha 501

Nokia has just unveiled a new smartphone to Asha’s family, on the new Asha-platform – meet Nokia Asha 501.

Nokia has just revealed yet another family member to Asha’s family, the new mobile from Nokia bears the name Asha 501 and is the first device on the new Asha-platform, which will provide a faster and better experience.

Nokia Asha 501 is designed to make it easier for users to get access to everything they love just about to swipe between the two “home screens” Home and Fastlane. Home is a traditional icon-based, which show the individual applications. The new Fastlane is inspired from how people use their phone.

It comes in two different versions–one with space for Dual SIM and a single SIM version, and so it has a 3.2 megapixel camera.

ASHA 501 comes in six different colors and only weighs 98 grams. It comes on the market in June 2013 in more than 90 countries worldwide with 60 operators. Nokia Asha 501 comes immediately not on the Scandinavian market, so it’s not a phone, we should expect to see in Denmark.