Nokia Lost 326 Million Euros Just before Its Merger with Microsoft

The heads of Nokia reported prosecutors results for the first quarter, and figures suggest that the devices and services division already part of Microsoft It has done so with negative numbers.

The delay in that fusion with Redmond has made that the expectations of cash flow that the Finnish company had not met. That has made the devices and services division It has lost 326 million euros During that quarter.

Having signed the agreement and Microsoft paying the amount of the acquisition, cash flow would have amounted to € 10,500 million and a net of approximately 7,100 million euro cash.

However, the progress of the division has proven to be something disturbing: these losses of more than 300 million euros are notable, but you have to put them in perspective: revenue was 1.929 million euros, with a reduction of 30% on net sales, something that does not surprise analysts but lets clear the challenge that faces if Microsoft.

They didn’t have detailed figures of units sold by segment, but Nokia Yes explained that the slowdown in sales of phones from basic range -the traditional feature phones – failed to be compensated by their Smart Devices, their smartphones Asha/Lumia, which even so, they say, behaved in a positive way.

This presentation of results served to introduce the new CEO of Nokia (of the Nokia which will continue to operate as such, we mean). It is of Rajeev Suri, He had been leader of the communications division, and that now becomes pillar of the future operations of the Finnish company.

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