Nokia Lumia 1320 and 1520 Already Have Price and Date of Departure in Spain

The phablet tendency also became Windows Phone in hand of Nokia, in fact his two last major performances have been with phones with these characteristics. Possibly the best phone platform, the Nokia Lumia 1520, already has date of availability and price in Spain. Also the less advanced, but rather more affordable, Nokia Lumia 1320.

Come up with innovations, the 1520 Lumia will be able to buy it at the end of the month, and it will have a suggested price of 679 euros, taxes included. The colors that will be available: yellow, white, red and black.

Lumia 1320 also hit the market at the end of February, and its price is – taxes included – 315 euro. There are also enough colors to choose: yellow, white, Orange and black.

Both terminals have 4G connectivity and the latest update of the system known as Lumia Black. Logically the differences in specifications are large between the two models, screen, internal hardware or camera, but in both cases the level is good height in relation to the competition outside of Windows Phone.

Prices, something in his debut but in the line that moves the market, what will motivate some interested to wait a while to get them (usually the Lumia lower price over time terminals Android style).

* Update * on operators, the thing gradually revealing these days, for now we know that * Amena * will have it in their catalog from * March 3 *. It is not exclusive, but if before the rest.

Nokia Lumia 1520, our analysis

If you want to know them better, we invite you to take a look to our making contact in video with the 1320 Lumia, or the complete analysis of the Nokia Lumia 1520, with video included:

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