Nokia Normandy Shows Your Colourful and Home Screen, Will Continue to Live?

They follow leaks about the Nokia Normandy, this dress image of press time, all quality. A detail that clashes with the idea that is a project that is not going to be followed later by related to Android (the operating system would be a version). Many bet is an Asha terminal, time will tell.

Now we can see a different interface, which most House with the idea of a new system, which we saw earlier was too Asha. Interestingly, there is still enough picture of considerable size, which reminds us of Metro and Windows Phone.

Among the applications that we see on the home screen, there are some which opens way to Nokia as MixRadio services, or the camera icon, the same as we have seen in the smartphones of the Finnish House. We understand that if you chose the way Android, the plan would be the same as the Kindle with Android, nothing from Google applications and services.

Follows the theory that it would result in a low-end terminal and as you can see in the image, the color would be one of the strong points of the phone, with up to six different tones (white, black, red, yellow, green and they cyan). Also it is visible it is a Dual SIM handset.

At the same time, in Chinese pages has been shared a picture of the prototype that shows the application launcher, with a very basic design, in which only enter three applications per line:

With regard to the question of its vital State, for us it is impossible to know the status of the project, but of what no doubt is that Nokia took the issue to the front until the last point, already that nobody gets to create product images – formerly prototypes – for taste. The other possibility is that this is a new terminal Asha, and to have it ready for the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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