Nokia Ovi Maps with 3D Models of Cities

Nokia Ovi Maps now includes a 3D preview feature in many cities of the world. The feature is similar to what already exists in Google Earth but with far superior quality. You can view the 3D structures much more detailed and also there is an equivalent to Google Street View in which it is possible to have a vision at ground level. Excellent application from Nokia.

Nokia Ovi Maps 3D

Another difference is that Ovi Maps 3D you need to install a Firefox extension of nearly 5 MB so you can view the maps. I took the test and I really liked what I saw. No doubt will be a strong competitor of Google Earth if the coverage of the 3D maps extend around the world.

You better be soon available here in Brazil too. For now there are 3D maps to the following cities: Barcelona, Miami, Boston, Milan, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Venice, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Prague, Florence, Madrid and Vienna.

Go to the website of Ovi Maps 3D do-it-yourself testing. The result is quite impressive. There’s only now know when there will be a Nokia mobile phone with enough processing power to view these graphics!

Note: the service Ovi Maps was renamed Here Maps.