Nokia: Program to Monitor Battery

Nokia mobile phones are notorious for their long life of your batteries. Smartphones like the N97 also has a durable good, but depending on the programs that are running in the background, the battery can bleed to death very quickly.

On Android we can see what each program consumes battery using a native option of the device. For the Symbian operating system of Nokia phones (see, we have to use a specific application to do something.

Application for Nokia Battery Monitor

The applicative Energy Profiler allows you to see some data on the consumption of battery of your Nokia mobile phone. It does not show the individual consumption of each program but lets you know how much the consumption increases when each program is opened, for example.

Go to the website of Nokia Energy Profiler and install it on your phone. With this you can find out if your phone is consuming more than it should. The ideal is to compare the measures with others who have the same model of appliance.

In addition to measuring the energy consumption of your mobile phone, the Nokia Energy Profiler shows a real-time graph of network coverage, CPU usage and battery voltage.

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