Nokia ‘ Superman ‘, a Windows Phone Designed for ‘Selfies’?

Although not yet known very well what will be Microsoft branded Nokia and under what name will be new products, continue to receive news on upcoming phones from the company which could be. In particular, today The Verge quotes sources close to the company to speak of Nokia ‘ Superman ‘ (code name, no name final obviously), a new phone that could arrive this year.

The feature that most striking, according to leaked specifications, is your 5 megapixel front camera. In comparison with other models of the brand, is a considerable improvement (at the 1020 Lumia, for example, the front camera was only 1.2 megapixel). It isn’t that Microsoft is going to necessarily sell it as the best phone for selfies, but it certainly seems to have done so thinking about this kind of pictures. Furthermore, expected Nokia ‘ Superman ‘ is a terminal of mid-range with a 4.7-inch screen. They have no more detailed features.

But, as we say, all these details do not have been confirmed officially by Microsoft, a couple of weeks ago it was evleaks who said that Nokia was working in a device with the codename ‘Superman’ (along with other less flashy, as ‘Ara’, ‘Leo’, ‘Moonraker’, ‘Onyx’, ‘Peridot’, ‘Tesla’ and ‘Vantage’). We don’t yet have details of the rest of them.

From The Verge claim that Microsoft has already almost ready its Nokia ‘Goldfinger’, a terminal that is expected to see the light next to Windows 8.1 but finally it did not. Now it is rumored that not take much to plunge (June, perhaps?), along with other two Windows Phone. For ‘Superman’, as we say, and according to rumors, we have that wait a little bit longer.

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