Nokia X in Real Images

Monday coming, first thing in the morning – if leaks not cure it – we will know in terms Nokia X, formerly called Normandy. But to continue talking about it, I teach some pictures taken to the actual terminal (so far had seen recreations).

We find ourselves with this home screen that reminds us the tiles/tiles of Windows Phone, with an appearance if it is easier, on the other hand ideal for underpowered hardware, that is what is expected to be this Nokia X.

It is interesting to see that some of these tiles may have a different size, as in the case of maps Here service, which is four times higher. Talking about services and continuing with the theory that we have an Android phone, there is no trace of Google anywhere in these images.

On its external appearance, to my I like the square lines and polycarbonate finished in matte, gives a touch of phone upper range (is using some Lumia, as 1020), and that it is expected that the price is your main claim (it is rumored that you between 80 and 100 euros).

On specifications, go back to repeat something very similar to the successful Lumia 520 expected: four-inch screen with WVGA resolution, 512MB of RAM, or dual core processor running at 1 GHz.

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