Nomination, Chic Jewelry Paola and Chiara

Paola and Chiara have recently presented their new single ” Milleluci” and are again under the spotlight, there are those who love their music, we at Pour Femme Fashion appreciate the style of the two singers but above all their choices in made look, I have to say I’m always very well-aimed and never eccesive, followed certainly by someone who understands fashion. In occasion of their participation at the Top of the Pops program on Rai both have worn jewelery Nomination.

The Nomination jewelry are beautiful and chic, which splendidly us women by giving elegance and refinement, there are several lines and styles and then each of us will find the most suitable accessories to your look.

Paola and Chiara, as I have already mentioned, love fashion and have fun combining their vocal talents to the side of fashion that basically is inherent in every woman, they had already shown their fashionable side of choosing the clothes Gaetano Navarra for their last tour.

To participate in the program Top of the Pops, broadcast a few days ago on Rai Due, Paola and Chiara chose a look from the current retro charm made ​​from beautiful Nomination jewelry, her sisters chose bracelets and rings collection Extension of autumn winter 2010 -11.