Nonsense: BlackBerry 10 Is Not Secure Enough for British Authorities

BlackBerry has in the past been incredibly strong when it came to safety on smartphones, but the new BlackBerry 10 meetings headwind.

Since the BlackBerry at the end of January month launched their new BlackBerry 10-platform announcement was clear from many: it’s now or never, if it must be for the Canadian smartphone maker.

BlackBerry 10 is a bet from the company who hope their phones again will be interesting for the customers. 

BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) has always been known for, to be strong when it came to safety. Therefore, it is also a severe blow for the company, that British authorities reject the BlackBerry’s latest software because it is not safe enough. It writes the our site. ”

The previous software version 7.1, the BlackBerry’s operating system was accepted by the British Government in December last year. But similar experiments performed on BlackBerry 10 shows, therefore, that the new software does not meet the same safety requirements that will ensure private apps and data from work-related content.

BlackBerry says in an official statement.
-“We have collaborated with CESG and we still have the only mobile solution that is approved for use on the sensitivity level of the” limited “, when the device is configured in accordance with CESG’s guidelines.”

Updated 26. March Bell 1325:

Since The Guardian wrote this article, they have had to withdraw it. In the wake of this whole affair have CESG released the following statement:-“Discussions with BlackBerry are ongoing about the use of the BlackBerry 10 platform in government. We have not yet performed an evaluation of the security of that platform, but we expect to be issuing rule Platform Guidance in the summer. ”

Therefore, there is therefore no question of the platform is not “sure enough”, but simply it is still so new that CESG has not yet gotten the evaluated fully.

The Ministry of Information with the German authorities have just announced earlier this month that they will buy BlackBerry Z10 to their 5,000 employees.