Nordea Is Finally Ready with a Real Mobile Application

Nordea is now launching an entirely new and re-designed version of their mobile banking. Users of the iPhone, iPad and Android phones, can use the new application.

In relation to the Danish Bank Nordea has given its clients an outdated access to the Bank via smartphones and tablets, but it changed that on now.

Nordea is ready with a real (native) application for iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as a special version targeted users of the iPad.

-“We have asked our customers what they emphasised in a banking application. The result was that it must be fast, and easy way to make everyday banking transactions such as check your balance, transfer money and pay bills, “says Ken Adrian, household Manager at Nordea in Denmark to

Transfers via drag and drop

In addition to a complete re-designed layout launches Nordea also new features. URF.eks. is it possible to transfer from one account to another, simply by dragging the accounts on top of each other, after which the system asks for the amount to be transferred. In the same way, there may be transferred money to fixed payees.

Customers can continue to use the more traditional method of moving money with which you specify from and to accounts.

Transfers via own accounts does not require Easy ID or key cards. First when carrying out external payments or transfers, key card comes in use.

In the first place, it will not be possible to scan the code on the giro money transfer slip, such as Danish Bank offers.

-“Many experience having to scan the code two-three times before it is accepted, and it is not a good experience. Therefore, we are waiting for a better way to do it, URf.eks. though there may be a barcode on the giro cards, such as is seen in other countries, “says Ken Adrian from Nordea.

Only Android and iPhone can update

The new bankapp will be available on iPhone and Android. The tablets are the only iPad owners who benefit from a special tablet Edition. Android tablets are not supported, because the spread is not big enough. The Bank promises, however, that it is a development that kept an eye on.

Nordea is considering whether to prepare a new version for Windows Phone platform, but since only 2 percent of all mobile-logins comes via Windows Phone, is this not the priority in the first place. So with Windows Phone users continue to use Nordea’s old application.

With Nordea 73 percent of all logins comes via an iPhone, iPad or other device with iOS system. About a quarter of its size using an Android device.

The biggest age group who use mobile banking is the 18-28 year olds accounting for 37.11 percent. This will be followed by the 39-48 year old with 26 percent. 49-58 years age group accounts for 17 percent, figures from Nordea covering March 2013.