Notion Ink Adam II Will be a Dual Screen Tablet?

Series: sometimes they come back (even if you don’t feel the lack). We had in fact set aside as scattered rumors about a Notion Ink Adam II, dating back to last October, which had been followed by only a blurry image next month (actually there were reports of even a year ago, why now we assumed wrecked the whole thing). And instead it seems that the new tablet from Notion Ink, a company that has become somewhat famous and some infamous, could become really reality, although skepticism in this case is a must.

The reason for all these delays would actually to be found in the special features of the tablet itself, the first of its kind with a dual display. The company would have to work more on design, aesthetics and “characterization”, rather than on technical specifications (approach diametrically opposed to the first model, which at the time–we talk even of 2010 – wanted to stand out thanks to the latter). In any case, the wait should be almost come to an end and the tablet ready for prime time already by June. If already in normal conditions we like to remain skeptical, forgive us in this case there in even trying even the date on the calendar for a control.