Omate Truesmart Water-Resistant Standalone Smartwatch 2.0

Omate introduces two new smartwatch for two very different audiences: the athletes and those who are not

Omate is a company that already has some years in this smart watches, even before the giants of the technology industry began to become interested in this new category of devices. The company based in New York already has some models on the market as Omate Lutetia or Omate X, two smart watches that show that style and technology need not be at odds.

Now, using the CES 2015 which is being held these days in the city of Las Vegas, the company has decided to present two new smartwatch that seek to embrace public clearly differentiated. On one side are the Omate Racer that, as you can guess, is focused on an athlete audience and looking for a wearable to accompany him on his hard training sessions.

On the other hand, we have the Omate Rome a smartwatch much more classic and elegant appearance that will completely unnoticed in our wrist. Both models are compatible with iOS and Android, with basic functions such as receiving notifications, calls, text messages, reminders and alerts social networking .Synchronize with your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 will be made low consumption.

Omate pointed out some interesting ideas about the world of smart watches taking advantage of the presentation of its two new devices: “In the segment of the smartwatch, two worlds are beginning to converge; on the one hand the centuries-old traditional watches industry and on the other hand the latest technology hardware and software industry. “The company says that the main challenge is to implement the technology in an elegant format, as technology is what you’re wearing but the design is what you wear.

Omate Racer and Omate Roma are compatible with Android and iOS and sports watches can be purchased for $ 99

As in previous LED sports models, the Omate Racer and Omate Roma mounted an ARM processor dual-core MediaTek, which say it is the best chip for a device like this. As for its price and availability, Omate has confirmed that its new sports model can be purchased for $ 99 from 5 to 15 January, then adopt its final price of $ 129.

As we read in Wareable, the company has not wanted to give prices or dates Omate Rome, but we must wait for something over $ 200 given earlier precedents. It will be distributed through the Ritchline Group, which ensures good availability at least for the US and UK.