Oneplus 2: New Photo App To Facilitate Sorting

Oneplus 2 New Photo App To Facilitate Sorting

The OnePlus 2 Gets a new photo app: whether on holiday, at home or at a weekend-trip-Smartphone owners hundreds of photos, which are then randomly deposited on the device often generate. A new app from OnePlus to bring order to the chaos, and offer some additional features.

The app OnePlus Gallery is a photo application that not only automatically arranges images, but also comes with rudimentary editing capabilities, as OnePlus explains in his official blog. The program automatically associates photos according to time or source so that users get separate collections, downloaded for your own pictures or by Instagram. All features can be used without an Internet connection, because the program for local use was optimized.

Rudimentary Editing Capabilities

OnePlus Gallery can be used to tagged, shared, edited, or deleted images as Favorites. The editing functions OnePlus is confined to a few rudimentary features. So images can crop, rotate, or also on a proposed format cutting, such as 4:3, 1:1 or 16:9.

In addition, the program contains a time function: with you, the user can beautify photos with own drawings. Except a freehand drawing tool, there is however no way about stamps or different brushes which help the user to enhance the images. The simple program is currently only available in the OnePlus 2 and can be downloaded for free via Google play. Maybe OnePlus wants to bring out the app for more models, such as the OnePlus X or OnePlus one. When that will be is not yet known.