OnePlus Acknowledges Problems in Its One Multi-Touch Sensor: The Solution Is in Process

OnePlus will accumulate things to do, and it is that young Chinese manufacturer is immersed in a chaotic process of distribution of its interesting OnePlus One, that seems to be on the verge of abandoning the system of invitations to accept reservations at last.

If this were on a session of “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, the boys of OnePlus finally recognized the problems of reliability of multitouch sensor your first Smartphone, which sometimes is not able to recognize multiple keystrokes, making it difficult to write with the virtual keyboard of One.

OnePlus works very fast, and the Chinese firm already launched a few days ago a software update for the device trying to alleviate these problems, although OnePlus officials have explained that the problem lies in the firmware of the scanner Synaptics.

Both manufacturers are already working together to seek a solution, once, fortunately, the problem is in the software. The bad news is that there is no specific for the fix release date, although it is expected to hit within a reasonable time.

At the moment, OnePlus comes to its users a temporary “patch” which seems to mitigate problems, and oddly enough, it is only of disabling the automatic brightness in the settings of the system.

Lucky for users is that the hardware is not faulty, so sooner than later they will finally receive a solution to a problem which, fortunately, is already identified.

At the moment, and if still in doubt in get a One, We leave our video analysis so you may prove the benefits of the device: