Oneplus Begins Beta Testing of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Its Terminals

OnePlus announced for some time the start of work on versions of Hydrogen/Oxygen-based OS Android 6.0 Marshmallows and, according to statements made in November, we should now be close to the release of the first ROM devoted to OnePlus 2.

To give further proof to this feeling, we think the post posted by the same OnePlus on the popular microblogging site Weibo, which announces the start of a program of public beta testing dedicated to ROM Hydrogen OS based on Marshmallow for OnePlus 2. The requirements to participate in the tests include a willingness to install a firmware test at least twice a week, at least 30 hours a week of internet network connection, the ability to fill out a bug report and offer feedback in a timely manner. Of course it is given great weight to the fact that you have already participated in other beta tests of other products.

Owners of OnePlus One and OnePlus X will not have to wait long, since the company also caters to them asking for a little patience, which will be rewarded with the arrival of the expected update. Recall that when we are talking about, for all three devices, Hydrogen OS — the variant customizing OnePlus dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market and devoid of Google services. Of course it will not take long for the work done on Hydrogen is adapted forOxygen OS, the international version. We conclude by recalling that OnePlus One, in addition to receiving the update for Hydrogen/Oxygen OS, will also get an update dedicated toCyanogenMod ROM which was originally put on the market.

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