OnePlus Working on More Models

Although only a single model, OnePlus doing right now, so there is more on the way in the future from the Chinese.

The popular OnePlus One stands to get a successor for about half a year’s time, but Two OnePlus isn’t the only phone, the new company is working on. In an interview, says the boss Carl Pei, working on yet another model.

To the site says Pei, to the second model, which will be worked on, not going to be using the same template as OnePlus One and Two.

“It will be a phone to a different audience, I think. Maybe someone who puts design of specifications, “says Carl Pei.

The invitations will be

A detail that emerged in the interview with, which is probably going to annoy a few people is that invitation system will continue in the future for OnePlus.

Pei says that OnePlus One experienced far greater demand than the Chinese could dream of. OnePlus own expectations stood at somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 sold phones, but instead have OnePlus One sold for over a half a million copies.

It is one of the reasons for the many delays that have been with your phone, and it’s something OnePlus will take with it on. They will produce more phones, but invitations will be to ensure that they do not produce too many.