Online Shopping: How, Where, and Why

Shopping is the favorite activity of women and since the web has become an integral part of our lives, the e-commerce do nothing but multiply. But we move well in online shopping? Here is a small guide on how, where and why of the click and shop.
Autumn is upon us and on dark days and gloomy, while outside the wind and rain beating on the window, to those who just want to go out for shopping?

Online shopping is born for this: all the leaders at a click, no need to travel, safe payment, delivery to home and shop open 24 hours on 24. Maybe you simply must have this or that dress, or the leader who is seeking is not found in stores, and then comes the web to save us, putting us available all its fashion resources.

Put that way it seems the easiest thing in the world but it is not really. Like all things, even online shopping has its drawbacks. To begin with, the seemingly trivial Size Guide . The biggest flaw of this method of buying from home is not being able to try on clothes. Very often the sites in question are foreigners and have a slew of tables with numbers, acronyms, centimeters, and so on. So, after taking the tape measure of the mom and you have measured the length of the leg, the calf circumference, calculated the distance between one eye and the other, and did twice the turnaround, exhausted and began to be discouraged, let loose and close the pC.

Frequently, then, it happens that you can not do the price comparison between a site and another.

Then there are the shipping costs that are going to add to the price of the head, this requires an assessment more: “It is worth to buy it?

Some have never done online shopping or hurt because of these reasons. But do not despair, this guide serves precisely to direct you to an informed purchase, safe and light-hearted (a bit ‘less for the wallet!).

Let’s start from the bounty . Here’s what to measure :

  • Hips: Measure the circumference of the basin should be measured from the furthest projecting;
  • Life: misurateLA the narrowest point;
  • Breast: measure the circumference at the point where the breast is more prominent;
  • Shoulders: Measure the distance from one shoulder to where you typically find the seam of the shirts.

After measuring, concerning the interpretation, if some of your measures include, for example, in size S and M in the other, choose the larger size depending on the size of the part that the garment must play : if your shoulders are size M and the life of size S and you have to buy an outerwear, select size M. If you have to buy a skirt you opt for the S.

This table is very valuable and can be of assistance for different sites.

As regards, however, the comparison web / reality of the boss, the advice is to never buy clothes in which the picture quality is low, the small size or, worse still, the picture is replaced by a drawing. The fabric It must be clearly visible, as well as any drawings, prints and details.

Price comparison : Many sites, next to the item “Cart”, they have a section ” Wishlist “, ie a virtual list to save all the leaders that interest you, and related information on the price and the size you have chosen. If the site where you want to buy does not have this “wish list”, will be enough to save the products, even of different sites in favorites and create an ad hoc folder.

Finally the shipping charges . These usually vary from country to country and often if you reach a cost of € tot, lower or cancel. This is to the discretion of the site: the threshold generally starts from 50 or 75 €. Some sites offer free shipping , others plan a paltry sum of a few euros. That way if you purchase an item with a high cost will be easy not to go and increase excessively due to shipment.