Only the Largest Oil Companies Are Worth More Than Apple in the United States

Apple has moved from a 17. space last year until a 6. place this year at the popular Fortune 500-list.

Apple is this year climbed all the way up to a sixth place on the Fortune 500, which is a list of the most valuable companies in the United States. Last year, they were placed on a 17. space. It writes our site.

Apple has lost the position, as the world’s largest company in terms of market value, but the Fortune 500 list is calculated in a different way, when taking into account other things than pure barter value.

-“Apple is bigger than ever – the company entered the Fortune 10-list this year,” writing for Fortune Magazineon its website.

On the benches of Apple is that only the largest oil companies, and the next technology companies on the list are AT & T in place number 11 and Hewlett-Packard in place number 15.