Opera for iPad

People who have had the first smartphones with internet access, surely already downloaded the Opera Mobile ever because I heard it was the fastest browser for mobile phones. Both the Android as iPhone, and even in the old (and now buried) Symbian, Opera has always been an excellent choice. of browser.

Opera for iPad and the Larger Screen

When the screen is larger in the case of the iPad, the same application that worked on devices with tiny screens needed, without doubt be remade. This optimization, geared towards the use of larger screens, showed that Opera is not playing in service. Features such as synchronizing Opera bookmarks between different platforms, and saving data when accessing the sites, are Opera differential that were kept in the version for iPad.

And the Opera on Android?

On Android, I don’t feel the need of another browser in addition to the official, the Chrome for Android. In Symbian, I used and I found the Opera great, much better than the default browser appliance. The big advantage is that was lighter and had several usability improvements. Facilitated much my life in the early days of 3 g browsing, when he could still be slower than today (Yes, that’s cell phone charger). Another competitor very close to the Opera is Firefox, which is also available for multiple platforms. Are 3 main competitors, followed closely by the excellent Edge today, Microsoft. How will it be this dispute with myself?

You use Opera Mobile on your smartphone? What do you like most about him? What attracts me most in Opera has always been the speed and efficiency in the use of RAM, whatever the device on which it is running. It’s very lightweight and practical.