Opt for Gas Water Heater and Save Energy

Machine has models of passage and accumulation

With the function of providing warm water at various points of use, gas water heaters offer a significant benefit to users and to the environment: saving electricity.

The product uses natural gas (NG), known as the street, or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). By having constant supply through distribution networks, natural gas provides a stable pressure, which always ensures regular flames.

Since the release of gas water heater LPG to be stored in a cylinder, it is easy to be transported. The use of one or the other depends on the type of installation in your home.

Besides these two types of gases, there are also different models of the device, such as the heater passage and what works for accumulation. First, as the name suggests, it heats the water as it passes through the heater.

In the second version, the water is in the boiler, tank where it is stored for use. This model is suitable for supplying several points, since the passage is narrower every environment, which may serve up to four points depending on the model.

Now that you know how the gas heat water, we write some tips for choosing the right equipment for your home. And remember: the online shop offers products for unmissable prices. After all, we are the home of your home.

  • Choose between mechanical or digital heaters – the second option has more modern models where you can control the temperature in the electronic panel;
  • Review the device flow capacity. The models have efficiency from 6.5 to 43.5 liters per minute;
  • Assess the energy rating of the product, ranging from A to G – the letter A indicates a more efficient product therefore consume less energy like LED bulbs;
  • Check the indication of the consumption points (such as shower, bath or tap) and make sure the product will meet your needs; consider other details such as the proper installation of accessories.