Orange Dipping Their Toes in the tough Danish competition Again

It is 10 years since the Orange was last in Denmark as a telecommunications provider, but now they are coming back in small amounts.

They came in on the Danish market under the name Mobilix in 1998, and since they came to be called Orange, as they do now. In 2004 sold Orange group, however his Danish business from, and since then we have not seen them in Denmark, until recently.

Orange is for starting small to look in on the Danish market again-however, in a somewhat different version. Orange sells for devices and sim cards to France through their page on Danish.

Jyllands-Posten says Sébastian Crozier from the Orange Horizon, which is a subsidiary company with a focus on new business area that “We believe that Denmark is a very interesting country for us, so we are launching soft in order to learn more about the market and consumers here.”

Sydbank analyst Morten Imsgard stock believes, however, that there is nothing to come after for Orange in Denmark. There is simply too much competition in the industry, as things stand now, to a new player will be able to earn money in Denmark.

Morten Imsgard expect not that Orange will make a big entry into Denmark, but the opinion of Sébastian Crozier does not rule out the possibility of a consummated comeback.