Organic Non Toxic Baby Toys

To choose non-toxic and organic toys should be a matter of course for all the parents as a child’s body has not yet fully developed and therefore is much more conducive to the introduction of toxins and chemicals. In addition, young children are more often in contact with the hazardous materials, then they put things in their mouths and have more sensitive skin. As a result, they are exposed to a greater health risk.

Avoid these chemicals completely

Some chemicals found in toys are endocrine-disrupting, and it is particularly dangerous. That’s because they can interfere with the body’s development because they are very similar to the body’s own hormones. In addition, it might be enough with very small amounts to a disruption to occur. Common adverse effects that may be caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals is among other things to the nervous system and the immune system can be damaged. The endocrine disrupting chemicals are often found in soft plastics.

Reasons for the non-toxic and organic toys

There are many reasons to choose organic toys that are free of toxins. First, it reduces to the dangerous chemicals that the child comes in contact with on a daily basis, while fewer hazardous substances in the home. Secondly, organic toys by far the best option for our earth because they have a smaller carbon footprint than oekologiska toys. In addition, organic toys usually have a higher quality, which results in that they can be used longer, which in turn is also better for the environment.

Shop toys with a good conscience

When shopping organic toys can do that without feeling guilty. The toys are then made with an environmental awareness and social responsibility. Usually in ecology is that the products are locally produced in so far as that goes. Furthermore, it can be ensured that the trade has gone to on a fair and equitable manner for all parties involved. This means that all the people involved with the production of the toys have been treated under humane and ethical conditions.

Toys that are both educational and fair made

The range of organic and non-toxic toys is constantly under development and continues to grow. Therefore, you do not lose the educational and fun features just because they are made in a good way. Organic toys are often made of natural materials or carefully controlled materials to reduce health risks and environmental impact.

How do you know that a toy is non-toxic and organic?

The companies that produce and sell sustainably made toys are very careful to promote themselves and say that the toy is organic. On the internet there are lots of websites that specialize in offering only best toys that are free of toxins and where you can read exactly what they contain. In addition, there are several certifications or labels to look out for, which proves that the product achieves specific requirements imposed on the toy. The benefits of choosing organic is many and such a simple choice can affect much more than what one might at first thought. In conclusion, it is therefore the best option for the planet, but also for us.