Organizing Kitchen with Cans

Always need places where you can store and organize our things in the kitchen, because it allows us to focus on creating delicious dishes instead of looking for what we need. Therefore, this simple craft is very practical and will help you a lot.


  • Three medium-sized cans
  • Cutter
  • A Board of 30 × 50
  • Silicone or hot glue gun
  • Adhesive paper with decorative motifs
  • Sandpaper


  1. first clean well three cans.
  2. with a short metal cutter that protrude from the side of the sharp edges on top of cans and sandpaper.
  3. line baking tins with adhesive paper.
  4. since we have ready cans have to paste them into the wooden table, put glue with silicone gun in the part of the cans that we will attach to the wood and a little more in the wood.
  5. waiting to dry well so that they can withstand the weight, finally hung this craft in the wall.

This craft is a simple way to decorate your kitchen with vintage style, as well as get an organizer that will help you accommodate ladles and spatulas and have them always visible.