Our Site Can Also Be Affected by Bribery

A bribery cost our site their top executive and meant replacement on the Board-perhaps Our site also can get trapped.

It seems that the Norwegian-owned our site also can be drawn into the bribery, which cost our site their top management. Since our site is a great owner in mobile carrier Vimpelcom and bought their mobile license in Uzbekistan through the company in Gilbraltar, which also cost our site their top management.

Vimpelcoms management in the annual report warns that they can be investigated for corruption. It writes our site.

-“Even though we do not know of any ongoing investigations by our company in connection with our relationship with Takilant, there is no guarantee that we will not be examined, be liable or suffer damage to our reputation, as a result of our relationship with Takilant,” sounds the warning in the annual report.

Takilant is a company registered in Gibraltar and our site had acted with in 2008, to acquire a 3 g mobile license in Uzbekistan. Revelations of our site’s corruption has cost the ceo job, and most of the Board – and now it turns out that Vimpelcom has mobile licenses purchased from Takilant.