Our Site Goes Anyway with in Price War

Our site has in the past refused to join the price war, but opens up for now there is a possibility-Onfone is ready.

Low-cost mobile company Onfone is ready with more speaking time for the same price, even if OUR SITE group previously refused to participate in the price war. It writes our site.

Onfone now have ten hours of talk for the same price as a six-hour speech.

-“We will have to defend our flanks and ensure that we are competitive. For the moment, you can get free speech to under 150 dollars. Seen in that perspective, we have to react, “said Anders Jensen, Director of our site’s private customers, Jyllands-Posten.

There are more and more companies are offering free-speech and where you pay only for the data you use.

The ceo of our site, Carsten Dilling, have also recently told Berlingske Tidende that he will not exclude the volunteers into the fray with free speech – however, it will not be provisional.