Our Site Has Been Visited by Samsung Galaxy S 4

The top model Galaxy S 4 have been past our site, where we have looked more closely at it. See all the photos here.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 appeared on the editorial board an early morning. Fresh and ready for a day on which we should take a closer look at the new top model from Samsung.

The plan was there should be made a video a la what we previously made with Samsung Galaxy Note II, so the functions displayed above. During the presentation in New York was that told a lot about the new features, but now they had to be demonstrated at close range.

After several hours in each other’s company and a lot of video footage richer, we have said so long to the Galaxy S 4, since we hope that doesn’t go so long before we receive it for testing.

That is why we are right now, putting the final touches on the feature on the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Until it is ready, you can see a number of pictures we’ve taken of the new top.

Working on a long feature and you can look forward to at 10.30 am tomorrow morning, when it will be available at our site.