Our Site “Opens” the First Virtual Shopping Mall

The shopping malls are an important symbol of today’s society, allowing you to make purchases of goods of all types into a single large environment. And if the debate – at least in Italy – is currently focused on preference among the little shop and the great Mall, to scramble the cards of thinks our site, Colossus of online auctions and e-commerce ready to launch on the market the first commercial center in virtual reality.

Our site has teamed up with Australia’s Myer shopping to develop an app that offers access to more than 12,500 products observable and can be purchased by simply moving your head within a virtual space. Of these, about 120 were rendered in 3D to get a Visual of Visual characteristics in 360 degrees.

In order to promote this app, our site is distributing 20,000 “Shoptacles”, Google-like Cardboard viewers VR spread is facilitated by the very low cost of manufacture and – consequently – from low-price.

Inside the Virtual Mall of our site has it all: trousers, perfumes, technology, all on display within the three-dimensional space that is accessible through the Shoptacles and navigable through “Site Search” technology implemented by our site for virtual purchases. If a product like this can be selected and instantly compare his description. Once chosen, the product itself will be added to your shopping cart.

“We believe that the next channel for sales to the virtual details in both,” said Senior Director of Marketing and Retail Innovation Steve Brennen. “We don’t build tricks … If sellers in the future they plan to have a multi directional strategy, this will also include the sale in a virtual world”.

At the moment it is an experimental phase that our site is scanning to verify their feasibility (profitability included). In the future might then be input capabilities of Customizing virtual deals depending on the user and a mode of payment “included” within the 3D environment. To date, the payment is carried out normally through the classic digital channels.

Our site VR is available for Android and IOS in United States, but currently allows only virtual purchases at the Australian chain Myer. If you’re curious to see how the app is structured, you find the download link below after the video.