Overview: HTC One Is Users’ Favorite, Design Changes on the Way in iOS 7 and Pre-Order BlackBerry Z10

The new top model from HTC gets incredibly many nice words with on the way in reviews, etc. and voted the users favorite it and much more.

HTC unveiled the HTC One of the world’s press on 19 March. February in both London and New York, and ever since, it has received a lot of praise along the way. It also touched on a clear first place in a poll, which was carried out in the week after Samsung had presented their latest top model, the Galaxy S 4.

Since it emerged that design-guru of Apple, Jonathan Ive, the man who was after Scott Forstall had to stand in the forefront of the development of Apple’s iOS software came there many expectations for the upcoming major software update. Now it is reported that it will have a more simple design.

BlackBerry Z10 is one of the most important phones in the company’s history. Since the presentation of the BlackBerry 10 has many experts commented that this was the make or break for BlackBerry. Z10 is now ready for pre-order at phone company 3 and hit the Danish stores within the next few weeks.