Overview: Samsung Galaxy Mega’s Way, Therefore, the LG Optimus as Good and Facebook Home Is Official

Facebook Home was just one of the week’s highlights. Read about this and more in the week’s overview.

The past week has featured the unveiling of the Facebook Home. Rumors have long circulated about a new Facebook Mobile from HTC, but it turned out there was talk of some sort of user interface instead for Android devices. However, selected models in the beginning. 

This week also featured a few new Samsung Galaxy models. For the Chinese market three new models, which came as the sounds names Galaxy Win, Galaxy Trend II and Trend Duos II. But there should also be a new name on the way from Samsung, to an entire product line – Samsung Galaxy Mega.

You can also view web-tv feature with LG Optimus G, showing why the new top model from LG is top mark worthy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 was also a swing by our site, which among other things was to a series of images of the new product, as well as a web-tv feature that shows all the new and chic in Samsung’s next top model.