Oysho Sweatpants

For fall and winter Oysho offers La Beauté, a lingerie collection characterized by the elegance and femininity, which paints a picture of a romantic woman and at the same time sensual.

Autumn is almost upon: a special time of year, where the vivid colors of summer give way to more muted tones and misty, where the exuberance makes room for all ‘elegance and all’ harmony , as for the fall collection Oysho-winter 2015/2016.

A collection that certainly will not leave disappointed women like us, who are aware that the perfect outfit starts from within, it must not only be beautiful, but it must be of quality and possibly at an affordable price, and Oysho is all this .

Inspired by an ideal of beauty and classical statuary, where simple forms are enriched with precious details, the lingerie collection, named  La Beauté , like a poem by Baudelaire, is characterized by the silhouette from relaxed shapes and basic items , made ​​with many fabrics ranging from natural cotton lace.

Next to lingerie precious, Oysho presents pajamas and nightgowns more mischievous and fun , casual wear for the woman who wants to be comfortable without sacrificing femininity  and slippers for everyone. But we discover better the whole autumn-winter 2015/2016 of Oysho:

Lingerie and underwear Oysho

The lingerie next season signed Oysho stands out for the refinement of lace and openwork and decorated fabrics, which create a fascinating and mysterious game of transparencies , in white and black, classic colors, but also in  egg color, garnet, mustard and brown, who promise a twist.

An intimate romantic and sensual at the same time, for a woman out of time, from the discreet and elegant charm. Among the highlights, must-have for next season, there are the high-waisted pants , the triangle bras and low-cut body.

Pajamas and nightgowns Oysho

The autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 of Oysho in terms of pajamas and nightgowns is characterized by muted tones and pastel colors, for a woman who just gets under the covers start dreaming, and it does so starting from how you dressed.

So many references to nature, not only in the color preponderance that refer to the land, but also in floral prints that adorn the fabrics, which are characterized by softness and practicality. In addition to floral motifs, are also present geometric prints, stripes or checks.

The collection for the night of Oysho is not composed of only nightgowns and pajamas, as well as robes fluttering, long or short (one even with bear ears!) And soft cardigans, perfect for the winter evenings.

Slippers and slippers Oysho

When it comes to flip flops and slippers, Oysho offers a great  variety that meets the tastes and different needs: there is the mule with his heel and the Cheerleader, to be sensual; there’s that whole closed, reminiscent of a ballerina , for those who want a stylish touch even when left at home; and then there’s the slipper made ​​with flannel, to have always hot foot.

For the younger (or for those who feel that!) There are plush slippers with ears and muzzles of animals, while for the most romantic are the ones with all the trimmings; for the chilly there is also a pair of Thefreegeography sweatpants.

The pair of slippers that we like the most? The one with the stars that shine in the dark.

Finally, we close with the sport and fitness because, you know, in September, between the good intentions, there is also a gym membership or some course.

Sportswear Oysho

The clothing for the gym and for sport in general the autumn-winter 2015/2016 collection of Oysho is distinguished because it combines the convenience of technical fabrics add a touch of femininity, from the details given as touches of color or subtle transparencies.

Bras, tops, shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants, but also bags, gloves, water bottles and even a bottle of silicone: everything you need to be sporty but classy.