Pantyhose Tattoo

Calzedonia offers the tattoo capsule collection for Spring 2013.

Beautiful legs more and more with the tights tattoo

If the tattoo craze, here is a good reason to study the effect it would if in place of a permanent form there was an interchangeable. One day roses, another butterfly. And if the tattoo you could wear like a pair of socks?
By dint of playing with fake tattoo, such as graphics that simulate illusionists fishnets, fantasy takes hold, though here to do the protagonists are legs. Calzedonia promises a Spring 2013 where female legs will be more attractive than usual, and socks the primary object for an original and personal look.

Pantyhose tattoo: trends and blogosphere

The tattoo tights had made ​​their appearance in the blogosphere for a while ‘. In 2010 the Marchesa fashion house presented on the catwalk roses and flowers drawn on clear or flesh-colored stockings, and the walkway to the urban context, the step was short before, with two creative in Tel Aviv, and Tel Gabby, and decorated stockings, tattoo socks, later, with the trend Asos and Tattoo tights of all types and for all budgets.
Now it’s time for Calzedonia presenting Tattoo collection in two different lines: slender and thin designs in the shapes of hearts and stars that you stretching along the entire leg, and imaginative prints climbing sideways on the legs and are inspired by nature to say “welcome” to the spring.

And to insist on the importance that the network has in the spread of the trend here is rising, by Calzedonia, various partnerships with bloggers and stylists.
At bloggers surveyed from across Europe, was asked to interpret the leggings of ProgramingPlease according to their style and the trend of the moment. It is easy to see socks, tights and leggings will become a basic element of the look.
the brand has also created its own page on Tumblr, a container for all the trends, where the images become shareable by users of all social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest creating a cross-media channel.

Capsule collection tattoo,  must have!

Every shop-aholic-respecting, who consults assiduously blogs of fashion addicted and feeds on fashion in general (the newspaper knows which journals extend), will already list the tattoo tights Calzedonia among the items must have.
Be on the fashion, with the formula + tattoo tights, becomes as easy as sticking a panty, in fact.