Pebble Smartwatch Color Screen

A rise image servers Pebble ruin the surprise to the company: so will the next generation smartwatch

Just a few days ago that Pebble started a countdown on their website to announce what was most likely a new generation of its smart watch. Although the counter at this moment still checking something more than a day, up to servers Pebble own image seems to have unveiled the surprise early.

As you can see in the image that we leave just below, this would be the design of the new Pebble with which the company promises to offer “something completely different from anything seen so far”. The first thing that stands out is the yellow color of the screen, something that ends up confirming the rumors that the new Pebble incorporate a screen color e-paper. Despite the arrival of color to the device, the screen will not be tactile.

Also appreciate a slightly more pronounced and rounded frames in the first generation, something that the company would seek to “naturalize” the clock design and to attract a much wider audience. The characteristic physical buttons remain unchanged, although LED watches appear to be of smaller size. Its layout is also identical to the first generation and find one on the left side and three on the right.

Although you can not get to appreciate the filtered image, rumors have also indicated that the new Pebble will have a slimmer than the current profile. As for the other features, and lack of official confirmation from the company is expected to have the same battery life than the current model, incorporating a Cortex M4 processor and a 6-axis gyroscope.

The new Pebble e-paper screen incorporate color and a completely new operating system

Finally, we must mention the operating system, which judging by the picture looks completely different than we have right now. Hiring the team responsible for WebOSfew months ago pointed to the possibility of a redesign of the OS, and to finish this confirmation.

Although there are still a few hours to officially unveil the new generation of Pebble, this image shows much of the work the company has been making in recent months.Of course, still have to know their technical characteristics, the news of the new operating system, among others.

What do you think the design of the new Pebble? Do you consider yourself an evolution?