Pebble Time Smartwatch Release Date

Pebble has started a countdown on their website that will end next Tuesday, February 24

It seems that it is time to meet a new member of the family Pebble, as the company displays for a few hours on its website a countdown that will end next Tuesday February 24 at 7 am. Since then a curious way to emulate the countdown Apple prepared for presentation of Apple Watch on 9 September. Should we prepare for a similar ad?

Last month the company announced CEO in an interview that had reached the Pebble million sold worldwide, a feat for a device that was born like many others in a crowdfunding campaign. In addition, Eric Migicovsky took the opportunity to announce that “new hardware and software” were on their way this year, and that these would not seem at all like what we have right now.

Although Migicovsky not specify approximate release date of a new Pebble, this mysterious counter on ESTATEREALEST seems to confirm the arrival of something important. Since its launch in 2013, the clock has received several updates based mainly on different colors or materials, but so far we have not seen any generation gap.

Now, with the great boom that could occur in the market smartwatch in the coming months, Pebble would have been the ideal opportunity to present his new bet and compete on equal terms with the flagship of big companies like Apple, Samsung or LG time. What we know so far of the new Pebble? As explained by one of the evangelizers of the company, the next clock would be much more customizable, will have a more beautiful and elegant than the current design , and there would be a revolution but an evolution.

The next Pebble could be accompanied by a new OS completely different to that seen so far

Surely, we are eager to know the new Pebble, especially following the words of its CEO. In any case, the company should try not to deviate from their identity and avoid getting into an absurd battle to try to win on the basis of specifications to the great smartwatch industry.

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