Pebble Watch Hardware Versions

The CEO of the company announces that now have already sold more than 1 million worldwide Pebble

Although it seems that the market smartwatch born from the hand of Apple, Samsung and Motorola, there were other companies that had some time on this smart watches. One of those companies is Pebble, where recently confirmed thathave overcome the barrier of one million units sold. Certainly a round number for a device that was born, like many others as a project in a crowdfunding platform.

Now, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, sat with the guys from The Verge to discuss the future plans of the company. The star announcement is that Pebble plans tointroduce new products and new software along this 2015, a renovation that had expected a long time. As we could see a few months ago, the second generation of Pebble could have a better design and be extremely customizable.

Moreover, according ensures Migicovsky, while Apple and Google have focused their conception of smartwatch in the paradigm of applications, they are working on something completely different. The new software Pebble use a new way to interact new technology with smartwatch and the INSIDEWATCH will continue to have presence on the platform will not be your main focus.

“Do not look anything like what we have today, and not like anything that is on your smartphone” concretized Pebble CEO. He also explains that the company used last 2014 as “a year of investment”, increasing its workforce from 30 to over 100 employees, some of whom belong to the design team of LG webOS TV.

The new software Pebble not look anything like what we have right now

Migicovsky has not wanted to reveal more details about the new plans software and hardware, but announced that we have to wait until later this year to see everything new that we have prepared. With Apple and Google (Android Wear) as their main rivals to beat, the more than one million units sold Pebble treasure as an opponent that could give much game from here on out. As reported in The Verge, we’ll have to wait and see what we have prepared the guys in Pebble.