Pendulum Wall Clocks

Lately we meet quite a pendulum made from old objects, be it in music or in the cinema.

This is so two clocks made from recycling.

Pendulum Wall Clocks

It is therefore a real super 8 Camera that has been recycled and transformed into pendulum, a hole in the right place, we add a clock mechanism and hang it on the wall, finally only after having bought it at the price of $ 45 here.

Pendulum Wall Clocks1

This pendulum is more for fans of Platinum, music fans, even if today it is more than a “ticking” sound. visible here, but more in stock. Find a moder wall clock in cheap price from Phoenixwallclocks.

Pendulum Wall Clocks2

In the mess can also be found a plate of shooting turned into a pendulum, a disk format pendulum, a pendulum allowing you to see the time past (in the mirror), a clock to not forget about the card game time, a pendulum snail which does not pass the time faster, or even a hard drive clock!

Pendulum Wall Clocks3

I agree with you, good taste is not always at the rendezvous, but essentially it’s good to spend time watching all these ideas!