Performance of a Printer Cartridge

The performance in pages indicates the total number of pages that can be printed by an ink or toner cartridge. So far, manufacturers employed different methods of measurement, so it was difficult to compare different brands with accuracy. For this reason, manufacturers in collaboration with the ISO Organization, created new standards of measuring performance in pages. In 2004 approved ISO/IEC 19752 standard for performance measurement in pages of monochrome toner cartridges, and in 2006 approved ISO/IEC 24711 standard for the color toner cartridges of ink and ISO/IEC 19798.

New measurement ISO standards, define the main factors that affect the performance and apply criteria of statistical analysis to the result. In this way, all manufacturers must use the same methodology when measuring yield cartridges.

The standard addresses a wide range of important factors that affect the performance and the measurement of the same, your proof document, the size of the print job, the quality modes of printing, determination of useful life, the sample size and the conditions of the environment.

ISO performance against actual performance

ISO performance test is a controlled trial, which may not coincide exactly with the parameters or conditions for use of a real customer. Do you mean this? The actual performance in pages will vary considerably upward or downward depending on different factors, such as coverage, used paper, double or single sided printing, environmental conditions, as the variation in temperature and humidity, maintenance of the printer, etc. Our customers to put an example very clear: the pages of ink or toner cartridge yields can be compared with the rate of fuel consumption per kilometre for cars. It is a useful tool when comparing different brands of vehicle consumption, but does not offer completely accurate data about the average consumption per kilometer you will get. It all depends on your driving style, the maintenance of the vehicle, etc.

The illustration is a sample page with approximately a 5% coverage, which is percentage that is applied to the ISO / IEC 19752, monochrome toner cartridges.

The five standard pages of the illustration used for the ISO / IEC 19798 and the 24711, with a mixture of text and graphics according to Printerhall, and different amounts of coverage, represent in total approximately 20% of coverage (more or less the 5 % for each, the black and the three colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow).

We as users can influence the amount of toner used. The printer offers several configuration options in the way of printing and density, for example in”grayscale”, mode only bk”model” draft”etc which will slightly reduce the print quality but will enable us to save ink or toner and get more out of our cartridges.