Philips Izzy BM 5 And BM 50 Im Test

In times in which is soon waiting every radio alarm clock with your own app, Philips goes exactly in the opposite direction. Their Izzy system is scheduled to open all those who want to own a Smartphone or do not use it for listening to music, the entry into the wireless multi-room era. The concept comes up, or build the Dutchman a gadget for yesterday’s?

Apps are omnipresent. Now they even help to measure people by the wrist. Who is “in” and works in media professions, or travel for business is a lot, looks over quickly, that many people even own no Smartphone or tablet. And if that still does not mean that they want to do everything with an app for music listening. For them, Philips has now built a facility that follows the general trend when it comes to wireless music playback in multiple rooms. But in terms of operating concept the Dutch stand out from the rest of the industry: an app is not required to distribute sound throughout the House with the Izzy system wirelessly.

Ultimately, Philips is a similar effort such as Bose, except that the Europeans have a number made simple all. Where you must first download an app at Bose, various adjustments and register with their E-Mail address, before going to enjoying a prolonged pressure on the highlighted button to add the individual boxes is sufficient at Philips.

Set up and operate

A few seconds enough for us, to connect the compact BM5 speaker and CD-receiver BM50. You need to a router and not a password – Philips keeps Word really and the probably simplest Mulitroom system. The Izzylink wireless network built directly between up to five speakers on the basis of the IEEE 802. 11n standards should come under ideal conditions up to 100 metres far.

The pressure on any source button makes the BM5 or the BM50 who hang themselves with a standard bracket on the wall can be to the master. All devices in the network be synchronously left on one of the two components on and turn off.

However, the comfort takes its toll: the BM50 receives FM only, no Web radio. After all, there is Bluetooth with the ability to control your Smartphone with the remote control belonging to the BM50. However, it is to take asynchronous responses in buying in the skip between tracks. But this is just a blemish.

Hearing test

Sound Bluetooth playback was the BM 50 hardly integrated CD player (with slot drive). However, you can feel that the Izzylink technology in the small BM5 ate a large portion of the tight budgets. His vote was batch 2 + in the Middle not so clear and natural as a priced comparable Mobile Bluetooth speakers like the JBL. And not too accentuated in bass and treble.

The BM50 worked there already a whole lot smoother and more transparent. The bass of the wide Flachmanns was however, even with use of equalizer presets underachieved. Who wants to listen to music intensely may be somewhat disappointed the bottom line of the system. Who wants to spread primary comfortably from his cell phone from music through the nearest network speakers throughout the House, is still more convenient than served at Bose. Sonically, the almost 300 Euro BM50 however not even lands a stab against the new 200 euro expensive SoundTouch 10. So the concept is not entirely. What a pity.


Bose, Raumfeld, Sonos. Philips had none on the radar despite earlier advances in the direction of wireless multi-room. Not only because of the dusty image, also because the Dutch acted by leaps and bounds. With the Izzy system managed an eigentständige alternative that walls want through ease of use for all which is not Smartphone. The sound is okay, but nothing more.