Philips Ready with Second Generation Android TV in 2015

Electronics makers from Philips will integrate Android TV throughout the smart tv catalog this year in order to keep up with consumers.

People are getting more and more connected to the Internet, and therefore, they also expect that they can access a lot of content and services. It expects many gradually also by their television, and therefore all Philips television from this year come with the latest version of Android TV.

“Philips was first with Android to TVs, which are developed in cooperation with Google. This means that with this second generation builds on the experience-and thus also a step ahead of the competition, “says Henrik Kyhl, who is Sales Director at Philips.

Google’s efforts to provide a consistent and cohesive experience across Android devices will also be available in Android TV, and in addition, Philips also even a smart tv platform, you will be able to exploit.

Although it will be Google’s operating system, which comes to pull the strings, you will also be able to use the iOS devices to control remote surveys.