Phones That We Expect Nokia’s Here to 2015

What comes to be known in the industry as a Roadmap, It has been filtered by the best-known of the filter cloth, evleaks. At this stage it is difficult to doubt its success with the public, so it seemed interesting to us share it, especially taking into account that we are now passing a quiet season.

Quiet in regards to Nokia, Since Microsoft It will be organizing the topic as best as possible, and the priority seems now to learn about new brands, or teach new proposals Windows Phone in prototype form.

We go with the list of terminals and dates. First of all we have a 930 Lumia, we already know. Introduced in April for the rest of the world, after its American appearance as Icon. Also we know the following, Lumia 635, as version 4 the 630 G.

Information is oriented to the North American market, so there are details such as carriers and dates that do not interest us so much. Other as the Lumia 530 -Rock – it is associated with T-Mobile, but we are interested by the possibility of becoming successor to the successful 520.

From there come terminals with name key more interesting by the unknown. A pair of mid-range models, known as Superman and Tesla. Above, at the high end, there will be a McLaren, planned for the end of the year, with new technologies (3D Touch).

There is even information of planned models for the year coming for American operators. A couple of models for the spring, known as Dempsey and Makepeace. Ending the summer will come a phablet, Cityman, and a high-end terminal, Talkman.

We leave there names and dates, waiting for the leaked information has the imprimatur of Microsoft, and is not above. It is also interesting to put it on the table, the year is very long and we will see many leaks that we are sure that we can marry this post.

We do not forget the family of Android phones, already speaks of a possible Nokia X 2.

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