Picture of a Supposed BlackBerry R-Series Leaked

BlackBerry R 10 presumed by be in the cheap end of the scale, and with full QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry launched recently Z10 and the QWERTY-equipped Q10, now there is apparently a new “R-series” on the road. It is supposedly the successor to the Curve series and must be a smartphone in the cheaper end of the scale.

The image appeared on the BlackBerryOS and shows supposedly a model with 8 GB of memory (However, with the option of memory card), less RAM than Z10/Q10 (which has 2 GB) and as can be seen in the picture, a full QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Empire have parallel guessed on the device will cost in the region of 300-400 dollars (somewhere between 1716.0 and 2287.0-NOK) without subscription.

The blurry edges in the image, can be explained by the fact that on other early BlackBerry 10 development models have been serial numbers located those locations.