Pinnacles Lets You Find Love-App-Hit in United States

Flirting-application is now just a huge hit in the United States, where the spring really is upon them and “love is in the air”.

Spring is upon us, and “love is in the air” – at least it looks like this in the United States, where one of the most popular applications just now flirting application peaks.

A series of images shows the use of the peaks of the potential dates – if you are interested, simply click on the heart and has no interest, then clicked on the intersection. The application searches in your local area to find matching profiles. It writes our site.

The Internet has become a place where many find love, but there are still some how it works cross-border to create a profile on a dating site. And so the public can be seen as an active seeker on the love market, with Peaks one gets more of a digital experience of flirts and udvekslende glances from city tour.

With Peaks do not create a profile with a lot of detail about yourself and the one you are looking for – instead get Peaks information as your profile picture, interests, etc. from Facebook.

Press “like” on a profile on Peaks, so this only out of it if he/she also click “like” on your profile. This is done can the profiles chat with each other further in the application and exchange information.

So far, Peaks only available for iPhone users. You can download the Peaks for free in Apple’s App Store.