Plain vs. Special Yoga Towel

On most websites studies where practicing Hot Yoga and Bikram also recommends a lesson to bring your own towel. If you forget it, you love it for a small fee loan. Why? Anyone who has already experienced Hot or Bikram lesson I will agree that only the washer far nedotáhnete.

Likewise, you will not pay to rely on the magical abilities of your non-slip yoga mats. This is not to say that a purchase does not make sense – it’s definitely the first step to success. Still, I would definitely recommend a towel (sometimes two).

What towel you take with you?

Some people are just too much sweat, so they could get by with a rough surface pads. If, however, you dripping sweat so much that it forms puddles under you, without towel can not do.

What to choose? The vast majority of the exercise meet people who wear very ordinary towel (see Some have sports, others do not break with the selection of the head and calmly grab a towel with dogs for the children. For me suggest to choose large bath towels that cover almost the entire pad.

When Bikram and hot yoga, you will sweat and knees, hands, face, simply everything. By a lesson to bring a small towel nothing is solved. That’s why I wear a little too large. Big nicely spread out on the mat and smaller dry their face.

Where to get a special towel for yoga?

Abroad you can buy without any problems towel for yoga, which is for the purpose of exercising Hot and Bikram yoga directly intended. It has the same dimensions as a standard washer and looks a bit like a Swedish dust cloth.