Plan the Hike or Bike Ride with Outdoor Apps

Know what to do and explore what you see – the Smartphone can become an important Assistant with the suitable outdoor apps in nature. Plan routes, get information about the weather and attractions are just a few of the app features that can make a bike ride or a hike more enjoyable. Learn how your Smartphone can help you with the planning and orientation, and what you should look for when using.

Itinerary Planning and Store Cards

Regardless of whether the bicycle or the hiking boots are used for the transportation – for route planning the outdoor app is komoot – bicycle and hiking GPS a good basis. The free application is suitable for all Android devices and offers the possibility of using sports as well as start and destination itineraries are calculated. The cards are also offline; online, for example, the speed and the remaining distance can be displayed during the tour. Even if the base version of komoot is free: the maps for a particular region must be purchased for less than four euros.

A good bicycle app is Runtastic road bike, which can be downloaded for the iPhone as well as for Android smartphones. With this free application, cyclists through the Smartphone have all the features of a professional bicycle computer available. Retrieve training data, let friends track information such as the slope of the terrain, speed and altitude display and research current weather forecasts.

Weather and Pollen Count Estimate with Outdoor Apps

The free app of the weather Portal is available for iOS and Android operating systems. The application can retrieve up-to-date information about the development of the weather during a tour.

For allergy sufferers, there is a matching outdoor app: the free pollen flight forecast works on Android and iOS devices. This outdoor activists with hay fever before a planned tour can check, whether there is a load with the appropriate allergens in the area. The 14 most common pollen are included in the application.

Be Careful Outdoors on Battery Life

Although more and more outdoor apps for smartphones on the market – the vulnerability by bicycle or hiking apps is usually the battery life of the mobile phone. Because it is quickly exhausted during ongoing use of maps. Therefore outdoor friends should provide sufficient energy through a rechargeable battery pack or lead a classic hiking map with it in case of doubt as a supplement.

A problem of bicycle apps is also that they offer many practical functions, but the Smartphone itself difficult can be attached to the handlebar. Watch the manner, that there is a waterproof shell so that the Smartphone is not damaged by sudden rain during a bicycle tour.


  • Outdoor apps represent an excellent supplement to the classical planning of an outdoor tour
  • The Smartphone can provide important information about routes, weather and pollen count during a tour
  • A permanent use quickly drained the battery of a Smartphone – a rechargeable battery pack or a map on paper also in the luggage should therefore be