Plus Size Outfit Tips

Today I’ll show you a few outfits, collected from the current Manou Lenz collection, everything great about fashion sizes.

Plus Size Outfit Tip # 1: Pencil Skirt in Leather Look With an Elegant Blouse

Here I am wearing a pencil skirt in black and a classic black blouse, which is transparent on the sleeves. For rock course is also a casual shirt, a cardigan over it or just a turtleneck.
The large sizes pencil skirt imitation leather for me is now a must-have: Elegant or sporty combined. This pencil skirt leather look you’ll find at mymanou or shoppst the large sizes look again at incurvy!

Plus Size Outfit Tip # 2: Comfortable, With Feminine Casual Chic

T-shirts are never wrong-here I have the elegant silk bubble combined (with sequin accents) with a dark washed blue jeans. Also to NATUREGNOSIS fits the women’s T-shirt blouse. With high heels you stretch out your legs and workest so slender. This outfit is for shopping now!

Plus Size Outfit Tip # 3: Dress With Fantasy Pattern

This dress in large sizes with a fine waist belt makes a beautiful figure. D as motto at this dress is: attract, look good and feel good. The length makes me happy, because it goes to the knees. I like to wear flat shoes, high shoes affects the style equal even more precious. You kannnst the dress casually wear and one thing or another Pölsterchen hide sent or you wear it form-fitted.

The dress comes here to buy or you shoppst a similar dress.