Plus Size Swimwear Trends

Plus size swimwear trends for summer 2016

Girls, that is this winter?! I went to Sao Paulo to watch the Fashion Weekend Plus Size (FWPS)-see the post about the event-and then, look, right? Carpenter goes to Sao Paulo thinking you’re going to Patagonia. Took coats, scarves, gloves, caps and … where’s winter? Just had that chilly from the very beginning of the evening and only!

Since there’s no cold, let’s talk about the summer 2016, because the heat is right! And the best indicator of the swimwear plus size will bring to us next season we saw in FWPS. Check it out:

We, as I said in the post on the parade, and has me excited to participate in the event, I loved watching the infrastructure, the Organization, my favorite bloggers and the press present. I saw the best brands of clothes plus size present high-level parades, with much professionalism, sophistication, creativity and representation of the public who actually wear large sizes and that, until then, was ignored by the market.

I saw plus size models of varying sizes, from 44 to 56, low and high, black and white, parading with lots of charm, without worrying about cellulite, stretch marks and flab on display, mostly in bikinis and swimsuits, the way it should be! It was obvious the identity with the audience. Are all to be congratulated!

The two brands on Hoticle that showed their lines of swimwear plus size were the Belle Plage, which works exclusively with beachwear (swimwear, okay guys?), and the mining brand, which has a footprint Upsy retro, with 50, moulds inspired in years 60 and 70.

Swimwear for Plus Size Women

The parade of Belle Plage has been wonderful. The brand presented its collection Dubai, which pays homage to the culture of the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. We have seen prints with mandalas, OASIS, Desert Flower, vibrant colors and details in precious stones. A luxury!

The label brought the Upsy swimwear plus size your pin-up, retro concept, super charming, with prints that hark back to past decades, such as POA (that’s always in fashion), prints that look like magazine or newspaper pages, the navy (that is the sailor style, striped, remember?) and others who left the beautiful models. Didn’t know the work of the Upsy. Loved it!

However, more important than seeing the chubby models parading with bikinis and swimsuits, it was noted that the marks of plus size fashion are investing with strength in the sector.

Girls, this is fantastic! The pieces are designed thinking about our little bodies, to mark less our love handles, give greater support to the breasts and fit in our hips. I don’t even like to remember the martyrdom that was to find a good bikini until quite recently.

Look at these two models of swimsuits of Marini developed with the system “curve control”.

The “curve control” system was created with special fabrics to offer compression, reducing up to 5 cm in the waist. It’s like wearing Spanx. The models are gorgeous. See how we’re chic, girls?

So girls, for the next season’s swimwear plus size, Let’s push our creativity, colors, templates, since the market offers us many options. So, as I’m a chubby snob (rs), I’ll give some tips, always making it clear that it is you who choose to use, especially when it comes to parts that leave us more exposed.

To get the look, choose pieces in your right size, or larger, not smaller. The best models for the fatties value curves, cinturam and shape the body. Bikinis big increase the silhouette and make some parts of the body look bigger than they are.

The market has a few variations in bikini bass parts, except for one detail or another, like lap belts go, Ruffles on the sides and higher waists. There is greater variety in the top in Bras.

The market for plus size fashion comes innovating in models that allow us to compose different looks, original, modern and that can bring wonderful Visual IDs. So, we’re going to abuse it. Because numerous brands sell bikinis with separate parts.

With three bikini models can easily do variations for use throughout the summer. Buy models with the top and let the criatidade flow.

For those who have not got used to the printed models, who still believe that print gives the impression that we’re bigger (disagree with strength, okay?!), a good alternative is to merge the pieces with a flat side and the other. For the girls who already enjoy the pictures, worth dare a little more and make a mix of different prints. Is super fashion!

We can also use on top of a strapless. We just need to take some care not to fall! There are some models that come with some keys in Bra, allowing attaching/removing the handles. Great to get a tan without leaving the handles. If the piece does not come with this clamp, get a thin lycra of at least 90 cm, black or white, to match any color, cross it in the middle of the bra, between the two bulges, and tie it to the back of the neck like a halter. Remove the handle to get Sun is pretty cool!

I see the swimsuit as a fundamental piece in the wardrobe of a fatty. Pool and waterfall ask for a bathing suit. The market for plus size fashion has investing in innovation of this piece. Has for all tastes, styles and prices.

There are swimsuits with details on the sides, like draping, fringe, cut-outs, knockouts or different colors. And there’s the swimsuit model becomes a dress, you’ve seen? But, the idel is buy brands that specialize in larger sizes.

Invest in outputs of beaches and accessories help and letting the look more sleek and modern. There’s wonderful outputs and some can be used in everyday life (seriously people, I have one that also use as dress and no one realizes it’s an exit). Add hats, necklaces, bracelets and headbands that match the prints. Use and abuse of creativity. Oh! A nice glasses is all good!

Friends, we don’t have to rush out to buy new parts for the next summer. First, let’s take a look at our wardrobe to see what we already have. As I said, we can combine the pieces, neutral colors (black, off, marine) with prints that are trend for next season of swimwear plus size. I’m sure we’re going to rock!

I promise I won’t go away! Antonia’s kisses for you, girls.